Thursday, October 18, 2012

Know vedic gods - Maruts

Maruts are the storm gods.. They are a group, one hundred and eighty in number.They are the sons of Rudra and Prisni. They are all of the same age and are always together.  The goddess Rodasi always moves around with them. They wear golden headgear, golden axes, lightening like spears, bows and arrows and golden ornaments.

The thunder and the roaring of the wind are noises made by the Maruts. They cause the mountains to tremble and like wild elephants devour the forests.They are associated with rains especially the thunderstorm and are said to cover the eye of the sun during such rains causing darkness.

They are playful as children and at the same time fierce and terrible as lions.They strengthen Indra's power. They are prayed to so that the worshipers are not subjected to their wrath in the form of the form of thunder and storm.

They provide the healing power to water.