Monday, October 1, 2012

Five important avataras of Lord Shiva

A day of Brahma is called Kalpa, which is equal to 432 crores of human years. We are now into the 51st kalpa called Shvetavarahakalpa. These avataras of Lord Shiva were in the previous kalpas as follows.


In Shveta Lohita kalpa Lord Shiva took  avatara as Sadyojaata from the body of Brahma.


In the  kalpa  called Rakta, Lord Shiva took avatara as Vamadeva and he was red in colour.


This avatara was in the kalpa called Peetavaasa  He wears yellow clothes in this avatara.


In the  kalpa called Shiva, the avatara of Aghora, black in colour took place.


This avatara was in the Vishvaroopa Kalpa.

The five important mantras of Lord Shiva are based on these avataras.

Sadyojaatam prapadyami...., Vamadevaya namo......, Tatpurushaya vidmahe....., Aghorebhyo...., Ishanassarvavidyaanaam....

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