Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who controls the movement of the luminaries ?

In Brahmanda Puranam , the sages ask Suta -  "How do these luminaries revolve  without any clash or confusion or without any structural formation? Does any one make them revolve or do they revolve of their own accord?

Suta says -   The star that diffuses light in the four quarters and  is established at the tail of the Sisumara ( a collection of stars resembling a dolphin )  is Dhruva. He is the son of Uttanapada..He is the pivot to which all the stars and planets are attached. He perpetually makes the moon and the sun revolve along with the planets.  The group of luminaries, the sun and the moon, the stars-and constellations along with the planets move about at the will of Dhruva.. They are fastened to Dhruva by means of bonds in the form of rows of winds. Their junction, difference, time, movement, rising and setting,  the southern and northern transits, the equinox —all these function are due to Dhruva.. Rain, heat, snowfall, day, night, the twilight, the welfare and woes of the subjects—all these take place due to Dhruva.

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