Monday, August 20, 2012

Panchagavya and purification rite

yattvagasthigatham papam dehe tishtati mamake
prashannat panchagavyasya dahatvagnirivendhanam

Just as fire burns the fuel, let the drinking of panchagavya burn away all my sins even those which have gone into the skin and bone.

Panchagavya is a mix of milk,ghee,curd,cow's urine and cow dung. There is also a sixth ingredient - water poured through kusha grass (darbha). It is consumed as a purification rite and also at the beginning of major rituals.

The proportion is

gomutra - 60 ml
milk - 420 ml
curd - 180 ml
ghee - 60 ml
kushodaka - 60 ml
cow dung - size of the top segment of the thumb.

There are mantras to be chanted while mixing each ingredient ( one by one)

gomutra - gayatri
cowdung - gandhadvaram...
milk - apyaayasva....
curd - dadhikravna....
ghee - tejosi shukrosi....
kushodaka - devasya tva.....

There is a more advanced form of this ritual called the Brahmakoorcha, in which a havan is first performed with the panchagavya before consuming the remaining portion. I have uploaded the complete procedure to

Brahmakoorcha is specially recommended in conditions such as epilepsy. In ayurveda medicines sucha s Panchagavyaghritam are available where one of the ingredients in panchagavya.

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