Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where to offer ahuti during havan

Different areas in the homakunda are considered to be different organs of Agni.

The bare part of the kunda (bhoomi) where firewood (fuel) is not there - nose of Agni. If ahuti is offered here it will result in mental worries.

Firewood ( part which is not burning ) - ears of Agni. Ahuti given here will result in deafness.

where flames are week - eyes of Agni. Ahuti offered here will lead to blindness.

Ashes - head of Agni. Ahuti given here will result in death.

where flame is strong - mouth of Agni. The ahuti should be offered only here and the result will be auspicious.

Next time you do a havan insist that it is done properly.

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