Monday, August 27, 2012

Vaastu Purusha and Vaastu Shanthi

The fierce battle between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura was going on. A drop of sweat from the forehead of Shiva fell on the ground and from that took birth a demon called Vaastu Purusha. He was of immense size and covered the Bhumi and akasha. He went about drinking the spilled blood of Andhakasura, still his hunger was not satisfied. Driven by his intolerable hunger, he started intense tapas before Lord Shiva and asked for a boon to consume the three worlds which was readily granted.

The demon went about eating up the three worlds. Devas got scared and rushed to Brahma to inform him about the grave danger. Brahma together with  devatas  known as vastu devatas fought Vaastu Purusha and made him to fall down. Still the demon continued to thump around and destroy. The devatas climbed on top of him and sat on each organ and made him thus immobile.

Later Brahma, authorised the food of Vaastu Purusha in the form of Vaastu Bali in Vaastu Shanthi, at the beginning of yajnas and at the end of the daily vaisvadeva yajna.

The ritual called Vaastu Shanthi is providing the Vaastu Purusha his share and also propitiating the devatas who keep him immobile and harmless. This is essentailly done whenever a new property such as house comes into his existence.

Brahma also allowed Vaastu Purusha to make his food anyone who fails to offer Vaastu Purusha his due share.

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