Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A case of schizophrenia

The following are observed

.1.Ashubhobhayachari yoga  causing mental ailment- Malefics on both sides of Surya - Kuja in the 12th and Sani in the 2nd.

2.Budha who is karaka for mental weakness is afflicted by Sani.

3.An uncombust Budha ( 14 degrees away from Surya ) which is found in many cases of mental ailment , lack of focus and learning disability

4.Chandra,karaka of mind in the 2nd aspected by malefic Sani

5.Fifth lord ( fifth is the signifying house for intelligence ) Sukra with malefic Rahu and aspected by aggressive Kuja.

6.Problem started towards end of Budha antara is Sani dasa who are significators in this case.

Recommendations - Graha santhi focused on Chandra,Budha., Kuja and Sani and also santhi with Unmathata mochana suktam of Atharva veda