Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rule while prostrating before brahmins in Yajnasala etc.

सभायां यज्ञशालायां देवतायतनेषु च |
प्रत्येकं तु नमस्क‌ारो हन्ति पुण्यं पुरा कृतम् ||
सभासु चैव सर्वासु यज्ञे राजगृहेषु च |
नमस्कारं प्रकुर्वीत ब्राह्मणं न पृथक् नमेत् ||

When more than one brahmin is present in yajna sala, assembly, temple etc. the prostration should be done once only for all of them together, not individually. Otherwise, punya acquired thus far will be lost.

See Hindi version here