Saturday, September 1, 2012

Indians knew Electricity in 6th or 7th century BC

Source : Agasthya Samhita ( 6th or 7th century BC)

samsthapya mrunmaye paatre taamrapatram susamskritam
chhadayet shikhigreevenaardraabhih kaashtapaamsubhih

In an earthen pot keep a copper plate (taamrapatram) and cover it copper sulphate(shikhigreeva - of the colour of a peacock's neck) and wet wooden dust.

dastaloshto nidhaatavya paaradaacchadistastata
samyogat jaayate tejo mitravaruna samjnitam

On top of that place a zinc(dastaa)  plate coated with mercury (paarad). From this combination is produced an energy called Mitravaruna ( Electricity !!!!)

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