Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aditenumanyasva...... - parishechana mantras

Anyone who has ever performed a vedic havan must have done the parishechanam with water around the kunda with the following mantras. What do they mean?

Aditenumanyasva - Aditi ! the mother of Gods, give me permission to do this.

Anumatenumanyasva - Anumati ! give me permission to do this. Anumati oonachandraa poornamaasee, Anumati is that purnima where the moon is not full or Purnima tithi with touch of chaturdashi or pratipada. This tithi is accorded divine status.

Sarasvatenumanyasva - Sarasvati ! goddess of speech, give me permission to do this.

Deva savita prasuva - Savita ! give me permission to do this.

and after the havan

Aditenvamamsthaha - Aditi ! you permitted

Anumatenvamamsthaha - Anumati ! you permitted

Sarasvatenvamamsthaha - Sarasvati ! you permitted

Deva Savita praasaaveehi - Savita ! you permitted

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