Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chandrayan finds ice on moon

Prevailing scientific opinion for long has been that there probably is no water on the Moon.

In the Vedas God Soma has always been associated with water. The adhidevata or presiding deity for chandra is water.

Vedic astrology considers chandra as a watery planet, also sukra. It is just a matter of time until water is discovered in venus also.

Science is like a rebel child whose first response is "No". How can these dhoti clad beings with uncut hair and beard know anything ?. This child is also intelligent. It will set out on its own fact finding mission in spite of the initial negativity. Once the fact is found it is also honest enough to come out in the open and admit it rather than being adamant with its original mistake.That is appreciable.

The sad part is that toeing the line of this rebel child, so many systems are destroyed in the process.

Yet another example from last week. Science said faith healers are frauds. Now they say that placebo effect actually alters the functioning of the brain. We hastily jumped into making law against faith healers.