Friday, July 10, 2009

Jeevatma & Paramatma

There is Paramatma which is a full vessel and jJevatma an empty vessel at the beginning. Not one Jeevatma, a number of them becoming ParamatmaParamatma is filled with every kind of experience and states physical, mental, spiritual and all other dimensions. It is a homogeneous state. Not hot not cold, not bitter not sweet, not happy not sad. Every empty vessel needs to be filled with all of these in order to become full and homogeneous. It is either at the rate of 10 units per day or all in one stroke.Total justice. There are no privileged ones. If you find Mr.X to be happy today, either he has had his share of sadness already or it is waiting for him in the present birth or future ones. Birth not in the sense that religion explains it. Every moment is a rebirth.Not bound by our definition of it. You can neither escape the pleasure nor the pain. You can not stop yourself from becoming Paramatma. It is a process that is unstoppable. There is no going up or coming down the ladder. There are no hierarchies. Only the illusion of sequence and timing . Everybody is at various states of experiencing and filling themselves up. Nobody misses the riches nor the rags. Everybody becomes the murderer and the murdered at some point of time. Everybody becomes the king and the beggar at some point of time.