Thursday, July 30, 2009

God's own ways

God takes care of everything. He provides to everyone. However, he has his own ingenious ways of doing it. He would create an ego in you ( don't confuse with pride, ego is self awareness, the "I" in you )and make you think that you are responsible for your own upkeep and you are the one responsible to run the family / society etc.etc.

This will make you to work earn and acquire the means to this end. God delegates. He doesn't distribute food packets to everyone. Ego is the mechanism with which he keeps the world running. Ego is the engine that drives the world. But for ego, there wouldn't be breadwinners, protectors, creators, leaders, followers, performers or saviors. Don't try to fight or destroy ego. It is useless. It will exist in some form or the other till the time the body lasts. The hunger and thirst are ego in physical form. The raw ego can not be done away with.

Just understand its ways. It could be a mad world. That's the way God wants to run it ( run himself ? ) as of now for his own reasons. Understand and accept everything.