Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daana materials for the nine planets

The following danas are performed for propitiating the nine planets.

Surya - Surya pratima in copper or gold, brown cow with calf, wheat, copper, gold, ruby, red sandal, saffron clothes

Chandra - White rice, pearl, white silk clothe, vessel with milk, vessel with ghee, Chandra pratima in silver, camphor, sugarcane

Angaraka - Red bull, Tur dal, red clothes, gold, copper, pratima in gold or copper

Budha - Moong dal, gold, emerald, green silk clothes, sugar, ghee, artifacts made of ivory (illegal ?), pratima

Guru - Chana, Yellow silk clothes, yellow sapphire, turmeric, jute, lemon, gold, salt, sugar, pratima made of gold

Sukra - Sukra pratima in silver, rajamasha, white silver clothes, diamond, white cow with calf, perfumes

Sani - Sani pratima in iron, til, black cow with calf, blue sapphire, black clothes, black grains, annadaanam to the poor

Rahu - Iron, Black gram, Gomedaka, Horse, Blue clothes, Til, Gingelly oil in iron vessel

Ketu - Horsegram, goat, weapons, vaidoorya, red or black silk clothes, Ketu pratima in gold, silver or pancha loha