Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is the concept of women empowerment from the west ?

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Probably, yes ! because for the Indians there is no need for any empowerment. They are originally powerful.

In the Vedic culture women played a very important role. The very essence of Vedic religion is observance dharma ( righteousness and religious duties ). 

The dearest and most cherished possession of a Vedic brahmin is his Agni which is generated for himself and his wife at the time of wedding. Oblations are offered in this Agni every day morning and evening for lifetime and the cremation is also performed with this Agni only. The entire life of the couple revolves around this Agni .

The wife is the custodian of this Agni.

Some interesting points are - 

1. When the husband is away, the wife can offer this oblation.

2. The husband does not have the right to do so in the absence of the wife.

3. Prior to offering the oblation, the husband informs the wife formally and she answers in the affirmative. 

The problem is only that we have moved away from our roots to such an extent that people once savage and primitive now have to come back and teach us culture, social behavior and ethics.