Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prediction of monsoon in astrology.

The method is based on observation of the formation of pregnancy of clouds. From the first day of the month of Margasirsha, when moon transits Purvashada nakshatra one should start observing the clouds.

The timing of rains are predicted like - cloud foetus formed in the krishna paksha of Pushya month will rain in the shukla paksha of sravana month. The cloud formation and rains are complimentary in nature - clouds formed in the east will rain in the west ; clouds formed when the wind is blowing to the south will rain when the wind is blowing to the north.

Omens such as red glow in the horizon, frost, halos are observed for predicting results. Color of the cloud would indicate water content. Fall of meteors, dust storm etc. could indicate miscarriage of the cloud foetus.

Based on the nakshatra on the day of the cloud information, both the quantity of rain fall and its duration are predicted. The coverage is also predicted by observing factors such as wind at the time of cloud foetus formation.

Even hail storms etc. are also predicted based on these observations.

source - Brihat Samhita