Sunday, September 14, 2014

Agni in yajna

Vedic concepts are profound. Agni used in yajna is churned out of wood. The wood used here is from the Ashawatha ( peepal in Hindi ) tree. Veda says that Agni assuming the form of horse, once left the devas, went and stayed in the Ashwatha tree. That is why the tree itself is named Ashwatha. Ashwa means horse ; the tree in which the horse ( Agni ) stayed.

Now, an ordinary Ashwatha tree will not suffice. It should be one growing out of a Shami tree. Shami tree is known for being " shantayoni ". Its womb has a pacifying nature. That's why it is called Shami. It pacifies the destructive nature of Agni. Hence, an Ashwatha tree growing out of the womb of a Shami tree should be chosen for making of arani - the pair of wood used to churn Agni.

Ashwatha is also used in a different context during war .Here Ashwatha used is born out of (sprouting from ) a Khadira tree ( knowm to be a male plant because of the sap ). Khadira enhances the valour of Agni.