Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The rules to be observed by a pregnat woman

From Dharmashastra.

1. Avoid bumpy rides, mountaineering, climbing heights, strenuous movements, quick movements, boat ride, carrying heavy objects and sitting postures where there is pressure on the belly.

2.Avoid grief, agitation, worries, over work, sleep during day and keeping awake at night

3. After pumsavanam avoid, coition, pungent and strong drugs and spices

4. After the fifth month she should not take part in religious rituals.

5. She should not eat during twilight.

6. She should not go near ant hills /ash heap /bones/ skulls, bathe in deep water, stay in empty rooms, draw on the ground with nails, ash or charcoal.

7. She should avoid yawning and stretching of the body.

8.Her hair should always be tied, she should be always clean.

9. She should not quarrel, laugh much or utter inauspicious words.

10. She should not remain with her feet wet.

11.She should serve the elders, give alms , be concerned about the well being of her husband

12. She should always be peaceful and cheerful.

Rules to be observed by the husband.

1. He should fulfill the wife's all reasonable desires and demands.

2. Avoid long distance travels, bathing in the sea and hair cut after the third month.

3. Should not carry a corpse.

4.After the seventh month avoid pilgrimages.

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