Friday, March 29, 2013

Do not make promises to Gods !!!!

In the vedic religion, there is a sequence to be followed when making an offering to gods and seeking their blessings for some tangible result.

1.विग्रहः  - presence of gods ( by invocation or being present in a temple etc.)
2. हविः स्वीकारः  - acceptance by the gods of the offering made.
3. तद्भोजनम्  - its consumption by them
4. तृप्तिः - satisfaction
5. प्रसादः - blessings.

First give, then only ask. People unaware of these rules go around making promises like

If  I get this job, I will .................. to my kuladevata
If I can buy a house before..... I will visit Tirupati and offer ..........
If I pass this exam, I will ......................
If my daughter gets married in a good family, I will ...............

Gods don't get lured by these promises. On the contrary, the one who makes such promises will be doomed if they are not fulfilled. The rules are very stringent.

1. If the delivery of the promise is delayed by 24 hrs double the promise has to be fulfilled.
2. If  the delay is three nights, then six times.
3. If the delay is 10 nights, it is sixteen times.
4.If the delay is one month, then it should be hundred times.
5.If the delay is a year, then one thousand times.
5. Beyond a year, he goes to hell.

See how it woks. Say the promise was to offer a Sari to kuladevi on getting a job. The clock starts ticking the moment the appointment order is received. If the promise is not fulfilled on the same day and done after one month, 100 saris will have to be offered and so on.

Some people are confused. Giving something to gods and asking fir something, is it not like bribing ? What do the gods need from humans?. They have everything !

This is ignorance. The vedic system is one of mutual dependence and mutual nourishment of divinity and humanity. The creator God's role is limited to creation. Thereafter it is a different system that is in place.

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