Friday, December 21, 2012

"There is no enemy bigger than yajna" ????

Electricity is very useful - if not used safely, it can kill.

Cooking gas is very useful - if not handled carefully, it can destroy.

The shloka says नास्ति यज्ञसमो रिपुः  -  there is no enemy bigger than yajna.

How ?

When not done properly.

Yajna ( havans and homas are also miniature yajnas) when not done properly not adhering to the prescribed rules can cause more harm than good.

अग्निहीनमनावृष्टिः मन्त्रहीनं तु ऋत्विजः |
आज्यहीनं कुलं हन्ति स्वरहीनं तु पत्नयः ||
यजमानं दक्षिणाहीनं  तन्त्रहीनं तु राष्ट्रकम् |
सर्वहीनं सदस्यानां नास्ति यज्ञसमो रिपुः ||

Improper Agni, with lot of smoke and not burning brilliantly and even offering ahutis at the wrong place ( as I had posted earlier) can cause drought. Deficiency in mantra will destroy the priests such as doing less repetitions than required, shortcuts . Shortfall in materials such as ghee used ( using less quantity than specified or low quality materials) will destroy the clan of the yajmana. Priests chanting the mantra with wrong svara will destroy the ladies of the family. Shortfall in dakshina will destroy the yajamana himself. Defective performance of the rituals will destroy the entire nation. All kinds of deficiencies and shortfalls are harmful to the onlookers.

Next time you venture to perform any kind of homa make sure that

1. Your priests are qualified and knowledgeable.

2. They are sincere and do the ritual systematically as prescribed.

3. Good quality and sufficient quantity of materials are used.

4. Proper dakshina is paid to the priests.

Else, you will be inviting trouble than grace of Gods.

You can't wash off your hands by saying " we don't know anything. we trust the acharya blindly"

If you don't know LEARN.

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