Sunday, December 2, 2012

How do factors at birth influence the future

Aithareya Aaranykam 2.4.2 says

At birth , Agni enters the mouth as speech, Vayu enters through the nostrils as prana, Surya enters the eyes as vision, the directions (space) enters the ears as hearing, the plants and herbs enter the skin as hair, Moon enters the hridaya as mind, death enters the navel as apana, waters enter the genitals as retas.

Likewise, at the time of death "Suryam chakshurgamayat" - the eyes / vision goes to Surya.

This shows a clear co relation between these entities / forces of nature and the being. In astrology, at the time of birth, if the Moon is weak, that indicates affliction to mind etc. When a person is born at a time when the moon is weak, it is a weak moon that will enter him as his mind which will govern his future development. This is the elementary process with respect to human birth, then comes the interaction and interplay of all these forces against a time scale.

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