Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two types of devatas in yajna

In yajna, two types of devatas take part and visit the yajamana's place. They are Somapas (Hutada) and Asomapas (Ahutada). Somapas are devatas like jala, vayu and surya who directly consume the dravya such as somarasa offered in agni.The second class of devatas are the brahmajnani brahmanas who consume what is not offered in agni (ahutada).

The somapa devatas are propitiated by ahutis and the asomapa devatas (in human form as learned brahmanas) are propitiated by providing suitable dakshina. Pleased by these offerings both types of devatas confer wealth and strength on the yajamana. The brahmanas who conduct the yajna are accorded equal status as that of the devatas.

source - gopatha brahmanam