Saturday, October 16, 2010

Renunciation - continued II

Ref : Mahabharata.Santiparva.X

Bhima's comments on renunciation

People who are bereft of prosperity alone have propagated the wrong idea of renunciation in the guise of the vedas.It is not correct for a kshatriya to renounce worldly life.Renunciation is a life of hypocrisy and one who can support himself should never get misled into it.Such people are actually falling from their duty. Only such people who shy away from their duties and do not want to serve gods and rishis, feed sons, grandsons,dependents and guests alone escape into a life of solitude.If success in spiritual life was to come from renunciation, the the mountains and trees would have long back achieved it. One devoid of action can not be succesful.

If those who are concerned about filling their own stomach were to become succesful then animals and creatures of water would have achieved success. Every creature is emplyed in act suitable to its nature and that is how the world moves on.

Action alone can lead to success.