Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kari Naal / Agni nakshatra

Kari Naal

Kari Naal is generally considered to be inauspicious in Tamil Nadu. Tamil panchangams mark kari naal. If the panchangam shows it as a kari naal auspicious functions are avoided on that day.

Certain days of the solar month are considered as kari naal. It is as follows.

Mesha - 6th and 15th
Rishabha - 7th ,16th and 17th
Mithuna - 1st and 6th
Karkataka - 2nd ,10th and 20th
Simha - 2nd ,9th and 28th
Kanya -16th and 29th
Tula - 6th and 20th
Vrischika - 1st ,10th and 17th
Dhanu -6th ,9th and 11th
Makara -1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th, and 17th
Kumbha-15th ,16th and 17th
Meena -6th, 15th and 19th

Kari naal is only a deshachara (local practice). There is no reference in any of the classical texts.

Death on a kari naal is considered to be inauspicious and special remedies are performed in such cases. It must have started like this and later on must have got modified to the present state by indiscriminate observation.


Similar is the case with agninakshatra. When surya traverses krittika nakshatra (agni nakshatra) some people consider it to be inauspicious. Sastra says " Mrit Daru Shila karmani varjayet" meaning avoid activities related to soil/mud, timber and stone. Only construction related activities need to be avoided ( may be due to the extreme heat ).