Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loud thinking about dates, days and numerology

This has nothing to do with the efficasy or correctness of numerolgy and no conclusion is also meant here.

We can experience day and night, we can experience the seasons, we can identify the ruling star of the day by looking at the skies and so are the planetary positions. They are all realities.

I feel that day and date are arbitrary asignments to establish continuity of time. Otherwise, how can there be different calendars following different dates months and years. You go to any part of the globe the planetary factors remain the same. That is not the case with dates and years.

In numerology, the base information is the date of birth. As per which calendar ? Why gregorian calendar alone ? Why not any other ? While date and days are only human concepts and not facts how can predictions about realities be made based on them. I think elders are to be respected. It is a human concept. How can this be useful in predicting my longevity. Dates and days are universally accepted concepts but not realities.

Doubt should also be raised about principles about auspiciousness of days (Sunday, Monday etc. ) as per the Indian system of astrology. I feel they are recent additions.