Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Familiarizing Veda mantras

अ॒हं वृ॒क्षस्य॒ रेरि॑वा | की॒र्तिः पृ॒ष्ठं गि॒रेरि॑व | ऊर्ध्वप॑वित्रो वा॒जिनी॑व स्व॒मृत॑मस्मि | द्रवि॑ण॒ँ सव॑र्चसम् | सुमेधा अ॑मृतो॒क्षितः | इति त्रिशङ्कोर्वेदा॑नुव॒चनम् ||

The sage called Trishanku prescribes the above mantra in the place of Brahma Yajna for those who have not been fortunate to learn the Vedas.

Meaning - I am going to cut the tree that is the 'world' with dispassion ( detachment ). May my fame be as tall as the peak of a mountain. May I be as pure as Sun. May I be brilliant, rich in knowledge , of great intellect. May I bathe in  the nectar of brahmananda.