Saturday, September 21, 2013

Purpose of pindapradanam during death rites

At death, the physical body's funeral is performed. For further journey of the atma another body called aativahika sharira is created by the performer of the death rites. This is done by providing pindas to the atma from day 1 to day 9. Some provide all the pindas together on the 9th day. This is not appropriate. How the pindas provided on each day is utilized is given below.

Day 1 - creation of head
Day 2 - creation of eyes, ears and nose
Day 3 - creation of neck, shoulder and hands
Day 4 - creation of back, sides, stomach, hips and private parts
Day 5 - creation of thighs, knees and crus
Day 6 - creation of ankles, feet, fingers and marmas (vulnerable nerve centres), skin
Day 7 - creation of bones, skull and marrow, blood vessels
Day 8 -  creation of nails and hair
Day 9 - creation of strength and energy
Day 10 -  to take care of its hunger

With the body so acquired, the atma proceeds to the next world.