Thursday, March 1, 2012

Avataras of Lord Ganesha

1. Aditi, mother of all devas, after giving birth to the devas had desire to have the Sarveshvara as her son. She expressed this to her husband Kashyapa who gave her the Ganesha Panchakshari mantra. She performed tapas and Ganesha appeared before her with 10 hands and his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi. Unable to bear his brilliance Aditi fainted. When she woke up, she prayed to the Lord to assume the form of a child and be her son. Ganesha was named Mahotkata in this avatara and later on destroyed demonesses like Viraja, Jrimbha and demons like Nishachara. He also saved Kashi from peril.

2. To destroy the demon Duradasa, upon being prayed by Devas and Rishis he took avatar from the expiration of Devi Parvathi and he is called Vakratunda.

3. A clay idol worshiped by Parvathy assumes life and and in this avatara he destroys demons like Gridhrasura, Balasura and Vyomasura.

4. In Dvaparayuga, Parvathy actually conceives  Ganesha from  Lord Shiva and after nine months of pregnancy delivers him.