Monday, July 11, 2011

Guruji speak

" The yogi considers everyone with the same attitude . One, who is connected with the being sees friends and enemies alike. Beyond the roles they are playing, they are all part of one consciousness."

Tell this to the mother of the girl child who was gangraped in a moving car for hours together and thrown out to lie down bleeding on the pavement. To see her tormentors with  this attitude and sight.

Tell this to the parents of the boy who was brutally murdered and the body cut into umpteen number of pieces. To see the murderers as part of the one consciousness.

Thank God, those javans defending the motherland in the biting chill sensitive to the slightest movement from across the border are not yogis.

Thank God, those commandos who laid down their life defending Mumbai from the terrorists were not yogis.

Thank God, our policemen and judges are not yogis. There is still some safety order and sense in the society.

Thank God, our freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the country were not yogis, else we still would have been under colonial rule.

What are we trying to preach and propagate ? Lawlessness ?

The neo sages who have attained the so called enlightenment in the comforts of recluse would have never faced the harsh side of human life.

Dharma calls for discretion (viveka) between good and bad . When this discretion goes there is utter lawlessness and peril of the society.

In Santi parva of Mahabharata of which the "GITA" is also SUPPOSED TO BE  a part "Arjuna says, 'The  rod of danda (punishment)  governs all subjects and protects them. The rod of punishment is always awake even when everythingelse is asleep. The rod of punishment devised by the wise is righteousness itself.. The sinners refrain from committing sins for the fear of the rod of punishment, fear of Yama, fear of the next world or the fear of the society.  In this world everything depends on the fear of punishment but for which the world would have sunk into darkness. That is the only way the cruel and the wicked can be controlled. .A person naturally pure and righteous is rare to find. People obey the law due to fear of punishment.