Friday, August 21, 2009

Vinayaka chaturthi

While Siva was away destroying TripuraParvati spent time in fear inside a cave. Devi was apprehensive about the outcome of the fight. Finally, she came out and started roaming through the dense jungle calling out for her husband and father. She cried out to Siva "Why don't you understand my state ? I can't live without you." A fisherman who saw this went and reported the matter to HimavanParvati's father. Himavan set out to find his daughter.

Himavan found Parvati and tried to console her. " Devi, you are omnipotent and omnipresent. The fact is that you have not been separated from Siva. Still, I will reunite you with him. " Parvati accompanied Himavan home. She was still worried about not finding Siva. Himavan instructed Parvati to worship Ganesa to get back her consort. "Devas like Indra, Rishis like Narada and the Trimurtis became competent to achieve their tasks after worshiping Vighneswara. Brahma obtained his power to create, Vishnu obtained his power to sustain and Siva obtained his power to dissolve as a result of the worship of Ganesa. It is only with the blessing of Ganesa that Sesha is able to bear the load of earth.The lord who is beyond the grasp of the mind and beyond words should be worshiped as gajamukha. Follow the upasanakrama of Ganesa as I am about to tell you and you will achieve your desire." said Himavan.

Parvati expressed her gratitude to her father and learned from him the method of worshipping Ganesa in the form of a parthiva (made of clay) murthi.