Monday, February 19, 2007

Dharma Sastra on remarriage of women

Manusmruthi - If a woman is deserted by her husband or becomes a widow before consummation of marriage, she can marry again . In this case, if she comes back to her first husband, before the second marriage consummates, the first husband can accept her back.

Yajnavalkyasmruthi - Irrespective of whether the maariage has consummated or not, a woman who marries again is called punarbhu. If at her on wish she leaves her husband and marries another person of the same varna she is called svairini.

Sathathapasmruthi - If marriage ritual has taken place, but marriage has not consummated, she can marry again.

Vasishtasmruthi - If the bridegroom dies between kanyadaana and vivaha samskara, she can marry another person. If a girl is forcefully taken away before marriage, she can be married to another person. If paanigrahana ritual has taken place, but the husband dies before consummation of the marriage, then the woman can be married to another person